What’s changed at MGF since COVID-19?

production manager Christina wearing sanitation mask

Pictured: Our production manager, Christina, modeling one of the new masks

You may be wondering what we’re doing differently at MariGold Foods to combat COVID-19.

Truthfully, not a lot.

You see, at MGF, we’ve ALWAYS been rather OCD about cleanliness!

For example:

  • We have special filters in place throughout the shop
  • We have special lights to kill bacteria
  • We have special wipe down procedures using ethyl alcohol
  • Our team has always worn gloves, hair nets, hair wraps, and face masks.
  • Our team members wear special gowns, and do a through roll-down before entering the shop.

Heck, we even have special shoes we wear for inside the production shop only!

The only things that have changed is we’ve implemented “social distancing”, and we’re making sure all tools are wiped down (again) when changing from one operator to another.

Oh yeah… and the style of our masks has changed.

Before COVID-19, we wore standard blue surgical masks that were readily available. But, with the outbreak of the virus, those masks have become unavailable, and our supply was starting to dwindle.

So, we contracted with a local friend to customize us some fitted masks that can be re-sterilized, and used again. They even have a special little pocket in the back where we can install an extra filter.

Above is a picture of our production manager, Christina, modeling one of the new masks.

So, we just want to assure you that here at MariGold, we always keep cleanliness as a top priority.

In the coming weeks, I hope you’re following some of the advice from our past articles, and staying in the best shape possible. Like they say in sports and war…

your best offense is a good defense

Stay safe. Stay healthy.

– Mari Ann

Mari Ann Lisenbe
Owner and founder of MariGold Bars

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