What is Whey Isolate?

whey isolate

There’s a reason that Marigold chooses to use grass-fed whey isolate in their protein bars! Find out what whey isolate is and some of its amazing benefits!

Whey Isolate

Whey is the liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained. Within this liquid residue, there are fast-digesting proteins known as whey protein. Milk’s protein is actually made up of two separate components: whey and casein. However, there are several reasons to choose whey over casein.

Casein can be hard on people who have leaky gut, and it’s hard to digest which can trigger symptoms like constipation. While many people think their negative reaction to dairy products is due to lactose-intolerance, it’s very likely that it might actually be the casein.

It can also produce a cross sensitivity in people who are gluten intolerant. Plus, many people who are autistic show improvements when on a gluten free/casein free diet. Possibly because people with autism tend to have digestive issues.

Whey isolate is so named because the whey protein is isolated from the rest of the milk, leaving 90% or more pure protein. This differs from whey concentrate’s only 30-80%. In addition, whey isolate contains less carbohydrates than its counterpart making it the optimal choice for people on low carbohydrate diets.

The Benefits

Whey isolate has a vast amount of benefits. With it’s nine essential amino acids, it’s considered a complete protein. It’s also easy for the body to digest, and for those suffering from a lactose intolerance, whey isolate’s lactose content is minuscule enough for it to be tolerable. Other reasons to chose whey isolate include:

  • Muscle Building: Whey isolate is rich in one of the most important muscle growth promoting amino acids, leucine. The amino acids in it  are metabolized directly and absorbed quickly into muscle tissue. It also Provides Maximum Nitrogen Retention, which enhances growth of muscles.
  • Highly Satiating: While protein itself can make you feel full, some studies suggest that it can help you feel more full than casein or soy.
  • Improves Immunity: It contains several bioactive, immune-boosting compounds including beta-lactoglobulin, alpha-lactalbumin, and lactoferrin.
  • Easily Digested: Whey isolate is easily digested by any age group and exercise levels.

The whey isolate that MariGold uses is cold processed and non-denatured. This means it retains the beneficial enzymes that are destroyed with the high heat used by some processors. Whey isolate that is produced with high heat often has a gritty taste and and “off” flavor. Not so with the whey isolate used by MariGold.

In addition, this whey isolate comes from grass-fed cattle that are raised in humane conditions. Grass fed cows produce higher quality protein because they are healthier than their corn fed counterparts. They are disease free, pesticide free, chemical free, hormone treatment free, and GMO free.

The low lactose content, low fat, low carbs, and excellent health benefits are all reasons why Marigold chose to use whey isolate in these delicious bars. Enjoy them if you are keto, lactose-intolerant, or just want a tasty snack!

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  1. Thank you for this informative article contrasting whey and casein. We are mostly keto and I’m definitely lactose-intolerant, and your product fits my needs perfectly!

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