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Happy Monday Everyone!  
This weekend I was having a conversation with some friends about health, weight control and how our eating habits can affect our results (or lack thereof).
It became clear to me that many folks just don’t know how their food truly influences them or what foods are really helpful or harmful.
There was one comment in particular that stood out to me.
“Eating protein makes you gain weight…right?” 
Yep, that’s an actual quote from one of my friends.
At first I was frustrated!  How could someone think something so critically wrong!
But as I took a moment to think about it, I realized how easily one could come to this conclusion.
There are so many (and I mean almost countless) health blogs and sites that are desperately trying to get peoples attention.
If you simply read the tag lines in a google search and don’t really read all the full articles, it’s easy to think, “yep, protein will make me fat!”

Lets Set The Record Straight!

Cool Conceptualized View of Protein Cells

 I’ll just shoot a few bullet points on the importance of protein in our daily diets!

  • Our bodies are literally made up of the stuff!  All vital parts of our body are made from protein!  Your muscles, heart (yes I know it’s a muscle), vital organs, skin, eyes, hormones and enzymes are built of proteins.
  • Proteins are crucial to immune and circulatory systems!
  • Protein helps fuel the building of new cells…since our bodies cells are constantly turning over, we need protein to help replace them.
  • Protein supplies energy…the more physically active we are the more we need.  A person who is not very active needs about .7 grams of protein per 2.2 pounds of body weight.  A person who is very physically active or works out regularly can easily need 3X or more that that!

Having a balance between COMPLEX carbs and PROTEIN is actually vital to not only weight management, but also fueling an rebuilding our bodies on a day to day basis!

So bottom line, the answer is NO, protein does not make you gain weight, it makes you alive!  😉

Balance Is The Key!

The most important thing we can learn is that it is vitally important to find balance…not only in our diets, but in our lives as well.

And let’s be clear, balance can look different for everyone.  We are all made unique and one of a kind so naturally we require different levels of things to thrive.  Our goal should be to find that balance.

Natural, real foods are amazing in the way they can balance each other out if eaten properly.  Some foods, when eaten together, actually help each other give our bodies more beneficial nutrients than if they were eaten alone!

Balance Is Beautiful!

In the weeks to come I want to talk more about food and nutrition.  Some of the beautiful things about it and also some of the common misconceptions about different kinds of foods.

I would love to hear from you.  If you have any questions feel free to drop a line my way and let’s get a discussion going.
Cheers everyone!
Have a wonderful week.
Jacob L
MariGold Maker


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