The Power of the Avocado on Keto

The power of avocado on keto

If you’re not eating avocado on the keto diet, you are dieting WRONG! Maybe “wrong” is a little harsh, but once you see what the avocado can do for you on keto, you’ll see what we mean. Here are a few reasons why the avocado is so powerful!

The avocado has gained quite a bit of popularity in recent years in the United States. This delicious fruit known as nature’s butter has been enjoyed by people for thousands of years. Used for everything from guacamole to even face masks (gasp!), the avocado is an especially beneficial fruit for those on the keto diet.

Benefits of Avocado

The avocado is one of the most nutrient dense fruits you can get. They are jam packed with vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. With their low sugar and abundance of antioxidants, they have a slew of awesome health benefits including the following:

Why on Keto?

What makes the avocado especially great for keto? To start off with, the low sugar makes it an optimal fruit choice! In half of a Hass avocado you’ll find:

  • 161 Calories
  • 6.75 g Fiber
  • 14.75 g Fat
  • 2 g Protein
  • .65 g Sugar
  • 8.55 g Total Carbohydrate

It has only 1 net carb! It’s filling, and with it you knock down vitamins like Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, and Vitamin B6. While it meets your keto macros, probably one of the most important components of eating avocado on keto is that it contains minerals that you often don’t get enough of because of the nature of the diet.

The top two mineral deficiencies you may experience on keto are potassium and magnesium. A deficiency in these minerals means you could experience symptoms like weakness, fatigue, muscle cramps, digestive issues, high blood pressure, and even heart palpitations! It could contribute to some of the keto flu symptoms or be a reason you’re not feeling as good as you should on this diet. Avocados have a good amount of magnesium and pack in more potassium than a banana all while fitting in nicely with your diet plan.

How to Eat It

It’s easy to sneak more avocados into your diet! You could eat it plain with a bit of salt and pepper or mash it up into a guac you can eat with just about anything. If you’re not a fan of the fruit, have no fear, there are still plenty of options for you. Sneak it into your keto morning smoothie, you won’t even notice it’s there.

It’s also easy to turn into a great sauce for low carb noodles. Just blend avocado, olive oil, lemon, salt, pepper, and your favorite herbs! You can also start cooking with avocado oil for some great healthy fats, although you’ll miss out on the beneficial minerals in this way.

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  1. I love avocados and eat lots of them since I too follow a Keto lifestyle (most of the time)
    I have a Keto blog and would love to try your products so I can recommend them to my followers.

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