The Most Common Paleo Diet Sins

paleo diet

Proponents of the paleo diet have been known to rave about an array of benefits, everything from weight loss to a lower risk of heart disease to reduced allergies. If you’re considering this all natural diet, here are a few common mistakes you need to be aware of.

If you haven’t heard of the paleo diet, it’s a diet that has some pretty simple rules. The main idea is to stick to all natural, whole foods while cutting out nutrient-void processed carbs (sugar, bread, and the like). However, just because you’re switching to the food of the caveman days, doesn’t mean you won’t commit a few sins along the way.

1. Too Much Meat

A common mistake paleo dieters tend to make is going overboard on the meat. Eating a ton of meat at every meal can even have the opposite of the desired effect, weight gain. The excess meat puts extra strain on your kidneys and liver. It could also potentially have longterm effects such as an increased risk of heart disease.

The key to solving this problem is creating balanced meals. Meat should be an accompaniment, not the main item. Load up veggies, and try to only eat meat once a day. It’s best to stick to organic poultry or sustainable fish, but a palm-sized serving of grass-fed beef is good too!

2. Too Many Goodies

paleo diet
If you haven’t made a Pinterest board for your diet, are you even really on a diet? One bad thing about your Pinterest diet board is that it includes diet-“friendly” desserts you can’t wait to try.

While these paleo-approved goodies may be delicious, they’re not exactly going to help you on your health journey. Eating honey instead of refined sugar will still take a toll on your health if it’s not done in moderation.

The best advice you can adhere to is to limit your paleo goodies to when you REALLY want them. Treat them like a cheat meal.

3. Not Enough Green Veggies

Going hand in hand with what I said about too much meat, paleo dieters often don’t get enough green veggies on their plate! Green veggies need to be the main focus with your meals. They provide fiber, healthy carbs, and essential vitamins.

Remember, the aim is balance!

Paleo doesn’t have to be a boring diet. Make sure you’re adding plenty of spices to your foods to mix things up. While your main goal is veggies, meat, and fruit in moderation, you can still eat fun snacks every so often. Make sure to include one of those delectable Pinterest treats every now and again just to keep things interesting.

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