Summer Activities to Try Before Fall Roles Around

summer activities

Feel like your summer is becoming a little mundane? Well, it’s not over yet! Here are a few summer activities to do before fall roles around!

Build Your Own Waterpark

You don’t need to spend money at a real waterpark when you could just bring the fun to your backyard! Buy a cheapie waterslide or a long tarp and turn on those sprinklers.

Since you’ll be outside anyway, there’s no reason not to pair this experience with a great BBQ. Invite over friends, throw the burgers on the grill, and slice up some watermelons.

If you haven’t done this yet this summer, you’re doing something wrong!

DIY Summer Cocktails

It is the time for some delicious drinks. There are plenty of recipes online, but we all know that the piña colada was made for this season.

While there are plenty of alcoholic beverages to enjoy, mocktails are always a good idea too. Try your hand at a cucumber-mint limeade or a ginger beer mojito! Don’t forget to add a tiny umbrella, and obviously be sure to enjoy it outside!


Do something for the community! Volunteer opportunities are incredibly easy to find. Not to mention that there are always volunteers needed to clean up trash near your local bodies of water during this time of year.

You can usually bring the whole family along. It’s a great chance to get to know your area and the people in it a little better. A day spent volunteering is a day well spent!

Go Camping

The quintessential summer experience…. CAMPING! If you’ve already got the gear, camping is an inexpensive way to have a quick getaway.

If you don’t have the gear, buy a cheap tent online and pitch it in your backyard. Throw some blankets in there, roast marshmallows on the BBQ, and take some time at night to gaze at the stars!

Garage Sale

People are always looking for garage sales in the summer. Not only does this give you a chance to clean up the house, but you can make a little cash doing it. Much better than some spring cleaning. Have your kids make some great signs to put up through the neighborhood. It’s an easy way to spend the day!

Chase the Sunset

Sure, you see the sunset most days from the comfort of your home. That’s not what summer is for! Take a day to go to a place where the sunset will be epic.

Ask around where the best place in town to watch the sunset is. Do a quick search on the computer. If the beach is close by, make the drive over there. I’ve never regretted watching a sunset from a great location.

If you’re bored during summer, just know that there are 100 summer activities you could be doing. It’s up to you to get out an explore your options!

2 thoughts on “Summer Activities to Try Before Fall Roles Around”

  1. Your Fat Bomb’s are devine, I suspect do to their high fat content, they almost have a melt in your mouth quality! The extra fats/fat to protein content is right up the alley of proper Keto.
    Stay beautiful and continue producing your delicious and innovative products, thanks you very much!

  2. Felicity Francis

    Go cycling – with a group (group ride), scenic bike trail (C&O Canal, for example). Visit a National or State park or Forest

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