Pausing To Take A Look Back

MariGold's 8 Years of Pure Joy
August is a pretty special month for us here at MariGold.

Even though we started making bars in our kitchen earlier in the year, it was not until August 2012 that we became “official”.

That’s when we received our Food Manufacturer’s License, and moved into our official “factory”.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Our first official factory was nothing special.

It was just 10 x 13′ room on the back of our house that had previously been a storage room.

But, since it was virtually impossible to find a gluten free commercial kitchen in our area, and demand for our bars was growing like crazy, we did what we had to do!

Back when we started, my dad, “Grandpa Riggs” was still with us.

And, although he was 100 yrs old at the time, Grandpa Riggs was our #1 Fan.

So, of course, he had to be there when we made our 1st batch in our new “candy factory” (as he called it). I think watching us make bars reminded him of his days packing and delivering raw milk, way back in the 1920’s!

It was such an honor to have him come down daily, to observe, to taste test, and to cheer us on.

Grandpa Riggs and Mari Ann MariGold Bars
What an adventure it has been seeing the growth and changes in our company in the past 8 years. 

We now have 12 full time team members, a 2100 square-foot factory and a newly completed 2000 square-foot shipping department with climate controlled storage. And the capacity to fill any orders you throw at us. 😄

But… even though we’ve changed in the last 8 years, there’s one thing that we will never change.
Our Quality.
We still hand-craft all our products fresh, in small batches using only the best ingredients.
Thanks for being a loyal customer.
You are why we’re here.
– Mari Ann

Mari Ann Lisenbe
Owner and founder of MariGold Bars

6 thoughts on “Pausing To Take A Look Back”

  1. I love you guys. Thanks for being YOU! Your bars and customer service are everything I could want and more. Happy anniversary.

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      MariGold Protein Bars
      Your MariGold Protein Bars will be shipped with ice and super chilled before being sent to you. We also make every bar to order so they’re incredibly fresh when they are shipped.
      Be aware that it is normal for the ice pack to melt during shipping.
      The ice pack and special liner will keep your bars chilled during their journey to you.
      If your bars are not still cool when they arrive we want you to know that they are perfectly safe to eat.

      Even the most perishable bar we sell has a 14 day un-refrigerated shelf life.

      Please visit our FAQ page for more information.
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