New & Improved (high fiber, low sugar)

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Here at MariGold, one of our key purposes is:

“Enhance the eating experience of our customers as the nutritional knowledge of food evolves.”

And, recently, the two biggies that have come into focus are:

  1. The need to increase fiber
  2. The need to reduce sugar

In the coming days, we’ll be posting info on our blog about the benefits of increased fiber, and how American’s are just not getting enough of it.

And, as you’re aware, we already have some of the lowest total sugar bars in existence.

But, we’re excited to announce that we’ve figured out a way to even further LOWER sugar, while at the same time INCREASING the fiber in some of our bars.

AND, in true MariGold fashion, we’re figured out how to do this without losing any of our great taste!

So… here’s what we mean by “New & Improved”.?

BEGINNING APRIL 18th, our bars that use agave (a natural sugar) will begin using chicory root fiber (a pre-biotic fiber) instead.

By using the naturally high fiber chicory root fiber instead of agave, these bars will now all be considered “AN EXCELLENT SOURCE OF FIBER”.

That means from 5-8 g of fiber per bar. 

And, the total sugar content in them will all be from 1-2 g for a whole bar.

The bars that will now have chicory root fiber in place of agave:

  • Ginger Spice Pecan
  • Chocolate Mint
  • Pure Joy
  • ChocoNut
  • Chocolate Praline
  • Chocolate Squared
  • Dark & Salty
  • Salty Caramel
  • Espresso

AND… for all you who are counting your NET CARBS, we’ll be displaying this info for you on ALL of our bars, too.

Look for the all the changes on our website the week of  APRIL 18th


if you want our CURRENT agave bars, you can stock up on them now. But be sure to get your orders in before April 18th.

Pre-Order NOW!

If you want to be at the HEAD OF THE LINE when our chicory root fiber bars are released (April 18th)…go ahead and place your order TODAY, but leave a comment on your order asking us to HOLD FOR CRF.

What do you think?

Will having HIGH FIBER Bars and NET CARB info be helpful to you?

19 thoughts on “New & Improved (high fiber, low sugar)”

  1. Love this change and of course you guys are keeping the same great taste! I am referring all my clients you your bars as one of my preferred portable protein items. Way to go with raising the bar!

  2. I am glad to hear this. Hopefully, this change will mean my system can tolerate those flavors now. Agave isn’t a good solution for me and my hypoglycemia.

  3. I think this is a tremendous Improvement! I’ve been eating a mostly paleo or primal diet for more than four years now and so I generally eat very little sugar, so my palate is accustomed to that. Your bars taste very sweet to me without being cloying. The idea of reducing the sugar and increasing the fiber is very appealing.

  4. Mari Ann,
    Thank you! Higher fiber and lower carbs with same great taste will be wonderful. I know you have thoroughly researched your ingredients to achieve the perfect balance naturally. Much prefer your product to chemicals. Congrats on this great improvement.

    1. Mari Ann Lisenbe

      Thanks for being such an awesome, faithful customer, Carol! And, yes, I did a lot of research. We are using non-GMO project verified chicory root fiber. Also, I found out that my fiber intake was below par. We should all be getting 25+ grams of fiber a day.

  5. So excited about the new bars. Your bars are the BEST!!! Can they be pre-ordered in 12 packs? Dont see on website.

    1. Mari Ann Lisenbe

      Hey Debbie, Thanks!!
      Yes, they can. Just order from our regular dozens, but leave a comment to HOLD FOR CRF. You’ll be at the first of the list when we start releasing them mid next week.

  6. Oh, dear! Now I’m sad! My local HEB store has started carrying a limited number of Marigold bars. As someone who has had gastric bypass surgery, I was thrilled to find an all natural protein bar as I try to severely limit the amount of artificial sweeteners in my diet. That being said, there are quite a few things that I can no longer tolerate. Chicory root fiber is a HUGE problem! Almost every bar I buy is on the list that will have chicory root fiber!

    1. Mari Ann Lisenbe

      Hi Robin, thanks Robin. H-E-B also carries Cookie Dough!, Oatmeal Cookie, Texas Pecan Praline and PaleoRiffic. Those bars will do not contain chicory root fiber. If you’ve not tried any of those, give them a try. They are some of our top sellers.

  7. Yes that would be helpful. And thanks for the referral code. Its a great way for folks to try your bars. Now I’d love to have an html code to put on my website sidebar so when they click the pix of primal choco pecan bar they can go right to the website with my referral. But I dont see that happening with a referral code. Meantime I’m sharing the code.

    1. Mari Ann Lisenbe

      Thank you, Teresa!
      The program we have is a tell-a-friend program, and not a referral program. Since it requires the referral to physically enter the coupon code at checkout, a link would not work. Thanks for sharing, though!

  8. Yes the higher fiber is a plus but what about stevia? Low glycemic, zero calories and taste great as long as it’s not over applied

    1. Mari Ann Lisenbe

      Hello Cindy. Our bars already use stevia. We’re just announcing some new bars that also contain chicory root fiber.

  9. No agave. It is not Keto. Monks Fruit or stevia or erythritol are about it as far as natural and low enough carb. Agave is just another highly refined sugar.

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