Guide to Eating Out on Keto

eating out on keto

Just because you’re living a new healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to say no to eating out! When you’re on a diet it’s best to always go in with a plan! Check the menu online beforehand if you can. If you can’t or it’s an impromptu work lunch follow these tips to make eating out on keto a breeze.

Swap it Out!

Eating out becomes a lot easier when you make the substitutions to cater to your healthy lifestyle. All restaurants will cater to a lettuce wrap request so you can still enjoy a sandwich or burger. Be sure to also note what sauces will be coming on your entree. Anything sugary like BBQ sauces or ketchup should be switched for guacamole, salsa, or mustard.

Lots of entree’s come with delicious, albeit very keto-UNfriendly french fries. Swap out those starches and grains with something you can actually eat. Lots of restaurants have steamed veggie options so be sure to check out the menu before actually coming in. Don’t even think about tempting yourself by saying “I’ll just order with what it comes with and not eat those golden fries.” I’ve done it, it doesn’t end well. If you can’t find a side you will be able to eat, just tell them to leave it off!

Don’t Go in Starving

There have been so many times where I’ve gone into a restaurant with the best of dieting intentions only to fill up on bread or chips because I was just too hungry to think about anything else. Don’t put yourself in this position! If you’re feeling like you need to eat as soon as possible, have a quick snack before going in! Keep something in your car like Keto Pecans for moments like these. You just need a little something to hold you over.

Be Aware of Your Options

I’m not talking about the menu, I’m talking about the restaurants. Take sometime to go online, check out the menu of some popular restaurants, and put a list together of what restaurants you can easily eat at. When someone recommends going out to eat, suggest some of those spots!

If you’re looking for something quick (because honestly, sometimes fast food is your only option), then here are a few suggestions:

  • Chipotle: Go for a salad bowl lettuce, meat, and toppings ranging from sour cream, guacamole, salsa, and cheese.
  • McDonald’s: Any grilled chicken sandwich or burger without bun and ketchup.
  • Taco Bell: Did you know you can order the sides? Go for a side of lettuce, chicken, and guacamole to hold you over.
  • Subway: Any sub option turned into a salad! Be sure to choose the lower carb veggies like spinach as a topping. Top with oil and vinegar.

Like with other restaurants, research online and put together a list. When you’re not sure what to eat, get your list out and choose a spot!

Being on keto doesn’t have to be a struggle as long as you know what to do. You can even still join your friends for happy hour if you want an after work drink!

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