Functional Nutrition with Dani Conway

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Hi, I’m Dani Conway, functional nutrition and Functional Medicine Practitioner.

I’ve been in practice over 12 years helping my clients ditch the diet, lose weight and gain energy. I myself had struggles with being overweight, tons of cravings, out of control, digestive issues, hormone issues… you name it, I probably struggled with it! And I also was very overweight on a fat free diet, which seems super counter-intuitive.

I did a lot of research and kind of found, by accident if you will, the ketogenic or low carb, high fat way of eating. I dove in head first because nothing I was doing back then was working and really kind of changed my outlook, changed my mind set, on good fats, what our bodies needed to thrive, what our minds needed to thrive. I really was able to get a ton of results for myself – going from being 65 pounds overweight to losing that 65 pounds and continuing to improve body composition – and then realizing that I couldn’t have been the only woman struggling with these things.

So I went ahead and got my certifications, various functional nutrition and functional medicine certifications.

I’ve now helped hundreds of clients lose that stubborn weight, gain energy and really re-balance from the root cause of those hormone and digestive issues.

My theory, or my belief, is that food is always first. So we have to build that foundation of nutrition. And we do that through high quality proteins, high quality fats, really good quality, low-glycemic veggies. So my approach is macros plus micros, getting the macro nutrients right and getting the micro nutrients right, too. I’ve developed my own customized macro formula that I use with all my clients and from there, you know, clean food, quality food, and really focusing on that for long-term health.

The reason I love MariGold so much is because at MariGold, they focus on the exact same things… clean ingredients, grass fed sourced, clean sweeteners, minimal ingredients.

And I will let you know that I do not recommend any other bars on the market. I feel super strongly that MariGold are the best bars on the market. The fat bombs are great, the nut treats are great, and they really give you that feeling of being satisfied with snacks, not feeling like something is missing. And of course, you know, first and foremost, quality is of utmost importance when it comes to the ingredients that they’re using for their products.

To learn more, visit Dani Conway’s website:

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