Carbs Are Out to Get You– 3 Reasons to Try Keto NOW!

try keto

Here are a few reasons why giving up carbs is a good idea!

1. Sugar Plays a Role in Inflammation

Having trouble with inflammation? Studies have shown that sugar can promote inflammation in the body! Inflammation symptoms can present itself as redness, swellings, and heat. It could also be the reason you’re feeling achy all the time! Diets that are high in sugar, starches, and unhealthy fats promote inflammation in the body!

Luckily with the keto diet, you remove a lot of the culprit foods including gluten, soy, and sugar. In addition, ketones themselves lower your body’s inflammatory response. As long as you’re doing keto the right way (lots of healthy, omega-3 fatty acids and natural antioxidants and fiber from veggies), you should notice a decrease in some of your symptoms pretty quickly!

2. Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

Studies have found that the diet can be very effective at lowering blood glucose. By going on the keto diet and reducing your intake of carbs, you lower spikes in blood sugar levels. When fat becomes your primary fuel source, insulin sensitivity is enhanced. This means that the diet has the potential to reverse type 2 diabetes.

3. Get Away from Carbs That Don’t Make You Feel Full

On the keto diet you take a step back from all of those carbs that are all calories with little nutrients. Basically, you’ll finally be eating foods that make you feel satiated. No more refined carbs like sugar-sweetened beverages, fruit juices, pastries, white bread, white pasta, and white rice that are adding pounds to your waistline. Instead you’ll only be eating the whole food sources of carbohydrates, the ones that are packed with fiber and nutrients.

You may be resisting this diet, feeling like its hard to stick to the no carb thing for so long. Saying goodbye to desserts might be a challenge you’re not ready to take on. There are still plenty of ways to satisfy your sweet tooth including with MariGold Bars. There are also about a thousand websites with keto friendly desserts catering to people just like you! No excuses not to try it!

1 thought on “Carbs Are Out to Get You– 3 Reasons to Try Keto NOW!”

  1. You’re making the same mistake made by most:
    That is, failing to distinguish healthy, beneficial high-carb foods from the starchy, high-calorie, low-fiber ones.
    I now use and advocate the use of the term “starchy carbohydrates” whenever referring to them.
    Leafy veggies, salady ingredients, tomatoes, etc., are in fact high-carbohydrate foods that are usually low calorie and with low-glucose stimulating effects. Carrots, beets, and other root veggies are higher in calories, but make up for it in fiber, vitamins, prebiotics, and minerals.
    The general public needs to be better informed about aspects of nutrition that you and I are familiar with and take for granted. Never overestimate the intelligence of your audience.

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