A Personal Message from Mari Ann

Steve Lisenbe Celebration of Life

Many of you are aware that I started MariGold, along with my husband, back in 2012. Steve and I worked together, first in our kitchen, and then expanded into a back-room of our home that we converted into a commercial kitchen.

Ultimately, we built a complete production and shipping facility on our family’s property. And, we now have a wonderful team of family and friends (who have become family) who work with us to produce and ship out MariGold products.

Mari Ann and Steve, owners of MariGold Bars, holding protein bars HEB

It is with a very sad heart that I say that my precious husband Steve passed away on August 27th of this year after suffering a reaction to an antibiotic drug.

If you are interested in watching Steve’s Celebration of Life service, we have it up on YouTube. The 1st 30 minutes is the church service, next 30 minutes are short videos where people tell about the impact Steve had on their lives, and the last 30 minutes are a pictorial, featuring music that Steve wrote and recorded.

As you can imagine, we have all been hit very hard by this. Steve was (and is) very loved.

I hope you enjoy this peek into the life of Steve.
January 28, 1955 – August 27, 2021
Thank you for your continued support as we all work through this difficult time.
– Mari Ann

Mari Ann Lisenbe
Owner and founder of MariGold Bars

46 thoughts on “A Personal Message from Mari Ann”

  1. Mari Ann, since the moment I found out you had lost your soul mate, Steve, you and your family have been in my thoughts continually. My heart breaks with yours but I rejoice knowing Steve is with his Heavenly Father in Our Father’s House. Be comforted in knowing you will see him again and let God’s peace that passes all understanding be your source of strength in the days to come. God Bless You and your family. –

    Michelle Wootton Noble

  2. Mary Ann and Family,
    I’m so very sorry for your loss. Steve sounds like an amazing man and I know you must be devastated. I pray God gives you an extra measure of His peace and that you will feel His comfort surround your heart.

  3. Mary Ann, I’m so very sorry for your loss. May you and your family feels God’s amazing comfort and peace as you walk this painful road.

  4. Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute. Sending you all the virtual hugs and I am so sorry that you are going through this.

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