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6 Foods to Reduce Stress and Nourish Your Body

6 Foods to Reduce Stress and Nourish Your Body

When you’re feeling stressed, it’s only natural to seek relief. The good news is that there are healthy food options that have been shown to help reduce stress and anxiety. Here are six foods to reduce stress that you can incorporate into a healthy lifestyle…and some tasty ways to try them!

Yoga for Stress Relief and Feeling Calm

Yoga for Stress Relief: 5 Yoga Poses to Feel Calm

Maintaining a yoga practice can be a great way to reduce stress, stay in shape and calm the mind. You may have tried yoga before, or you might be a yoga-pro. Either way, the good news is that you don’t have to be an expert to experience the benefits of yoga for stress relief. Here are five simple and effective yoga poses for relieving stress.

Mindfulness Every Day

Mindfulness Every Day, Every Way

It’s important to take a little time to practice mindfulness every day. Even simply taking a few minutes a day to pause, take a breath, listen to your thoughts and regain control can drastically reduce your stress and anxiety levels. It can also help with depression, high blood pressure, IBS and more. These simple practices will help breathe space into your daily routines.

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