heal your gut

Foods to heal your gut

7 Foods to Heal Your Gut

There are many factors that can affect your gut health such as hormones, sleep, stress, and medications, but one of the most common and influential factors is our diet. It is so important to create a healing environment for the digestive system with foods that can repair and strengthen your gut lining. Here are 7 foods proven to help ease digestion and heal your gut.

The Benefits of L-Glutamine MariGold Bars

The Benefits of L-Glutamine

You might know that some of the benefits of L-Glutamine in the bodybuilding community and athletic world are promoting strength, stamina and recovery, but did you know that it has many other uses and benefits?

9 Best Gut Health Remedies

9 Best Gut Health Remedies

Did you know that at any given moment, there are trillions of bacteria living in your gut? This culture of microscopic organisms is known as a “microbiome,” and is essential to our gut health, playing a role in everything from the digestion of food to the regulation of metabolism. Here a 9 best gut health remedies to try for shaping up your gut.

Cultivate Your Healthiest Microbiome

Cultivate a Healthy Microbiome

Gastroenterologist Dr. Marvin Singh, founder of the California-based Precisione Clinic, dishes advice on how to keep your “second brain” in tip-top shape.

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