7 ways to lower blood sugar

7 Ways to Lower Blood Sugar

Have you ever experienced a blood sugar roller coaster? If you have, you might need to take a look at controlling your blood sugar levels. Here are seven ways to help lower your blood sugar.

Why you should be counting sugar intake

Here’s Why Counting Sugar is a Good Idea

Sugar has unfortunately become a staple in the American diet. Sugar has been linked to a slue of health problems including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. You know you should be limiting…

No Sugar Added protein bars

Why “No Sugar Added” is a Deceiving Claim

Food labels can be confusing especially when you’re bombarded with a variety of claims including “No Sugar Added.” If it says “No Sugar Added” then it’s probably ok for your health, right? Wrong! Here is why the label is a deceiving claim.

How bad is the diabetes epidemic? 5 Key Stats

How Bad is the Diabetes Situation?

Just how bad is the diabetes situation in the United States? Find out with these five key statistics, and learn how changing your diet may make a difference (it will).

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