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Sweet P and Sky Naza Holliman loves MariGold Bars

Sweet P and Sky

Loves MariGold Bars!

“I love chopping up my Marigold bars and using them as an ice cream topping. I also love to dip them in dark chocolate. I’m also obsessed with the nuts.”

Naza is the creative force behind the Sweet P and Sky blog, a lifestyle blog about family, adventures, travel, style, unbiased reviews, and beautiful features.

She is the founder of The Mommy Blogger Tribes, comprised of four incredible communities. From California to South Carolina, these Tribes consist of confident, open-minded, powerhouse Blogger Moms, entrepreneurs, who gather monthly for some of the hottest events in their towns. It is a space where bloggers can be seen and connected with brands, while creating real life friendships with likeminded women.

Naza is also founder of SPS Playdates; fun filled, free play dates for parents and their kids. These play dates began for one reason, to alleviate motherhood isolation and loneliness. Parents who attend, have built lasting friendships for themselves and their children. With brands providing light snacks, drinks and GIVEAWAY items, these play dates are a fun and casual way to spend your days.

Naza Holliman, Lifestyle blog Founder and Columnist

Try Sweet P and Sky's Favorite MariGold Bar Flavors

We’ve put together a 3-Bar Sampler of Sweet P and Sky’s favorite flavors, which includes our buttery & maple Texas Pecan Praline, sweet & savory Dark & Salty, and toasted coconut Macarooned.
Sweet P and Sky's Favorites 3 Bar Sampler


Sweet P and Sky loves MariGold Bars Collage

What's included in Sweet P and Sky's Favs - 3 Bar Sampler

(Click on a flavor for more information)

Texas Pecan Praline
(1 Bar)

Dark & Salty
(1 Bar)

(1 Bar)


Want to try one of our other Samplers?

Find your favorite flavor with our many sampler options:
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      MariGold Protein Bars
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