Very Low KETO Pack
(1 dozen bars)

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These keto snack bars are our “lowest of the low” KETO bars.  Each bar has from 2-3 NET CARBS, and is an EXCELLENT SOURCE OF FIBER.

And, of course, that awesome MariGold Bar taste.

** 2 each of our 5 flavors, and 1 each of the Ginger Coconut and Espresso flavors **

Try these low-carb favorites today.

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What’s included in the “Very Low KETO Pack”

keto snack bar in chocolate mint
Experience our delicious peppermint chocolate taste with just a hint of crunchiness. The magical taste of Thin Mints cookies or Andes after dinner chocolate mints combined with all the goodness of MariGold Bars.
low keto snack bar takes like a chocolate praline candy
Tastes like a hand-wrapped caramel they sell in quaint little Mexican food restaurants. This Vanilla bar is loaded with organic pecans and swirled with 100% dark organic FAIRLY TRADED chocolate.
Keto Snack bar that tastes like a brownie
Deep dark chocolate and organic pecans. ACTUALLY TASTES like a brownie. For serious dark chocolate lovers only! Easy to see why this is one of our TOP SELLING BARS of all time.
low keto snack bar that tastes like a Mounds bar
Chocolate bar jammed full of lots and lots of coconut, then swirled with 100% dark organic chocolate. Has been compared to a “very chewy Mounds? bar”. For times when you don't feel like a nut!
Keto snack bar filled with coconut
Vanilla bar jammed full of lots and lots of coconut and swirled with dark organic chocolate. Because of the vanilla base, this bar has a “milk chocolate-y” taste, similar to an Almond Joy®
ginger coconut flavored protein bar
The Ginger Coconut bar Lectin Free, Keto-Friendly and is warm, spicy-sweet and delicious. Reminiscent of a "Ginger Chew", but without all the sugar.
coffee flavored protein bar
A coffee lover's dream come true! Loaded with cashews & roasted cacao nibs in an organic coffee bar swirled with dark organic chocolate... delicious!

Gluten Free

Grain Free


High Protein

Low Sugar


Hormone Free

Soy Free

Gluten, Grain, Lactose, Sugar Alcohol, Sucralose and Soy Free.

Completely non-GMO!

Produced in a facility that also contains tree-nuts

Refrigerate to Prevent Spoilage

Hand-crafted by MariGold Foods, Willis Texas

30 reviews for Very Low KETO Pack
(1 dozen bars)

  1. Lauren (Verified Purchaser)

    I have enjoyed all the bars I’ve tried thus far in the Keto Pack. The Ginger coconut and chocolate Praline are at the top of my list at the moment!

  2. Samuel Hougie (Verified Purchaser)

    The bars are all delicious! Each of them are indulgent in a completely different way, chewy, dense, and packed with protein. Love the use of grass-fed whey and lack of sugar alcohols, too – makes it hard to look at other brands the same way.

    • Mari Ann Lisenbe (Verified Purchaser)

      So glad to hear you like our bars, Samuel. Thank you for leaving such a nice review, too!

  3. Gloria Gackle (Verified Purchaser)

    I LOVE the Marigold bars! I do order another kind of Keto bar and they are good as well,
    but less expensive, but I like that I can get a variety of flavors from Marigold bars.
    The Espresso is my favorite! My next favorite, and one I just tried is the ginger coconut.
    I LOVE the taste of ginger and I LOVE coconut, so those two flavors together work great for me!

  4. Sharyn M Clark (Verified Purchaser)

    They are really delicious and make me feel like I’m cheating…but i’m not!

  5. Kathy N (Verified Purchaser)

    These bars are delicious and unlike other bars do not knock me out of Ketosis. These are a very important part of my success on the Keto diet.

    • Mari Ann Lisenbe (Verified Purchaser)

      Awesome to hear, Kathy. Thanks for letting us know.

      Mari Ann

  6. Dwayne Melancon

    Great taste and quality ingredients (with no sugar alcohols!). These are my go-to travel snacks. I liked the sampler pack, as I could figure out which ones I like best for re-orders. I store them in the fridge and toss a few in my bag when I hit the road for a quick snack or when no good food is available for keto. I find that the lighter colored ones have better texture (less chewy) but they all taste good.

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