Sampler Pack
(1 dozen bars)

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Great for 1st time buyers. From deep, dark, decadent chocolate Chocolate Squared to our chewy Oatmeal Cookie Bar, you’re sure to find a gooey, sticky MariGold bar that’s perfect for your palate!  Get 1 of each of our 12 classic flavors, including the new Lemon Pie!

**NOTE:  Ginger Spice Pecan and THE PRIMAL Flavors are not included in Sampler Pack**

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Flavors included in Sampler Pack

Refrigerate to Prevent Spoilage

Produced in a facility that also contains tree-nuts

Hand-crafted by MariGold Foods, Willis Texas

Gluten Free

Grain Free


High Protein

Low Sugar


Hormone Free

Soy Free

107 reviews for Sampler Pack
(1 dozen bars)

  1. John Dobbie

    After trying numerous kinds of protein bars as well as trying to find ones that have low sugar and carbs, I can’t tell you how glad I stumbled upon MariGold bars. The different flavors are all so good that I will keep getting the sampler pack to enjoy them all. I really can’t give a big enough recommendation. Don’t hesitate – they are made with love and you can taste it.

  2. Jeane Bell

    Love these bars. I buy the sampler pack as I can’t decide which I like best. I am able to have a treat, while still on a weight loss program. Service and speed of delivery is fabulous.

  3. Debra Curry

    I haven’t tried all of the bars yet, since I just got them, but so far the ones I have tried are all equally delicious and taste like fudge! Even my husband likes them and he usually doesn’t like the protein treats I make or buy for him. I have highly recommended them to my clients for a high protein snack pre or post workout. I even like to have just a small slice after meals for something sweet with no guilt! I am very happy with these bars and will definitly purchase them again!

  4. Fran Rodgers

    I have eaten 3 bars and have to say after trying several other so-called protein bars, these are the best. I have eaten them for a breakfast and they have kept me satisfied for 4 hours or so. The taste is wonderful. They are a little gummy, but that is not a big deal to me. I love the fact that they are so healthy for you. They also do not leave you feeling bloated. You have made a wonderful product. Thank you for caring so much about what you sell.

  5. np scott

    Very pleased with bars I have tasted

  6. Donald Breaux

    I have purchased the sampler pack and have to say all of these are the best bars I have ever had! They are filling without all of the extra additives I don’t need. This is clean eating without feeling like I’m eating a candy bar! These are worth a try, you will not be sorry!

  7. Sherry Early

    I really like this package of bars, It has so many different flavors. This is the one I buy to use the bars at breakfast because there is such a great variety that you never get tired of them. I eat one with a cup of coffee and because they are so high in protein, I can go all morning without getting hungry like I do with cereal.

  8. Dennis Beeson

    The Sampler Pak was a great way to get to know this product. Frankly I liked each type. Although the sugar/protein/carbs is nearly identical for each flavor, I found different flavors satisfied me in a different way. Some for the “sweet tooth” and others for the protein quenching factor. I’m a fan!

  9. Anonymous

    MariGold…I so enjoy this Sampler pak because I like to have a variety of flavors & the bars taste yummy! Most of all they have good ingredients & a lot of protein and are GF. Since I have to eat GF that’s important to me. I’m glad the day I saw your bars & decided to give them a try. Thanks to you MariAnn & your husband too….love your personal little notes.

  10. Kylie Porter (Verified Purchaser)

    Marigold bars are one of the highlights of my week. I eat one every Friday, so that they last longer. I can honestly say that they are what make my Fridays amazing! There is no better way to start off your day or drive home than munchin’ on an all natural, delicious, and made with love Marigold bar. The Sampler Pak is perfect in that it gives you a variety of wholesome awesomeness to choose from. Truly unbelievable flavors and nothing is better.

  11. Patricia carroll

    I love these bars, I can get a high amount of clean protein on the go. Makes my life a lot easier.

  12. Kathy Myers

    My personal trainer/nutritionist recommends Marigold Bars as being healthy and free of hydrogenated oils and artificial ingredients. They are low in carbohydrates but still provide lasting energy. Of all the nutrition bars on the market, Marigold Bars rank the highest, in my opinion, because of their tastiness and they keep you full. You really feel like you’ve eaten when you’ve had a MB. I also like supporting a local business close to Houston. Thank you, Kathy Myers

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