Cale Schultz

Director of Strength and Conditioning at Paleo f(x), Director of Operations of 87eleven Action Design

87eleven is the stunt company behind John Wick, DeadPool2, Hunger Games, Atomic Blonde, Ninja Turtle, and many other blockbuster hits.

Cale loves ice cream, dogs and MariGold Bars. “My new/old/sometimes/still can’t decide favorite MariGold Bar is Pure Joy“.

Terry Williams

Owner of The League Elite Training (Houston, TX), Professional nutrition writer for

Terry has a Master’s Degree in Health and Human Performance from The University of Houston, and Strength and Conditioning Specialist Certification from the NSCA.

Terry believes that all people possess the capability to “live at world class” and seeks to be an inspirational vessel of life change. “Every flavor I taste becomes my new favorite! Right now, I’m diggin’ on Oatmeal Cookie.”

Brianna M Diorio MS

FDN-P, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, NASM – CPT

“As a nutritionist it is so hard to find products that I not only trust and want to take for myself, but recommend suggesting to clients… When I finally had Marigold bars I knew there would be something that fit everyones individual dietary needs, as well as actually tasting amazing!”

“These bars are truly delicious and nutritious, my favorite combination!”

Ray Bessette

National Level NPC Bodybuilder
Cancer Exercise Specialist
Master Trainer

Ray doesn’t discriminate when it comes to MariGold Bars, but his absolute favorite, “must have daily” is Dark & Salty.

“As a gym owner and trainer, I often get requests from clients to supply protein bars. I could never allow myself to settle for any of the many junk bars out there but when I found the MariGold Bar, I FINALLY had a bar to offer clients that I could be proud of.
They are a perfect blend of taste, good fats, quality whey protein and barely any sugar. They fit perfectly in my bodybuilding lifestyle.
Matter of fact when I was in the airport waiting to get to a bodybuilding contest I couldn’t eat nasty airport food and ruin all the training I did to reach my peak physique so I ate 11 (Not a typo) MariGold Bars! If anyone thinks high fat causes weight gain they are very mistaken. When I weighed in at my contest I actually weighed less. The natural fat in the MariGold Bars actually increased my metabolism and allowed me to drop more weight!”

Alex Bunt

RedBull High Performance Consultant
Private Trainer for Olympic Skier Lindsey Vonn

Alex’s favorite bar is Macarooned.

As the physical preparation coach for Olympic Alpine Skier Lindsey Vonn, I am constantly on the go, traveling 35 weeks out of the year, from gyms to mountains all over the world. Finding quality nutrition on the road is often a challenge; that’s why MariGold Bars have been a lifesaver. No matter what location I find myself in, I know I can enjoy quality nutrition at any time. Healthy fats, quality protein, minimal sugar and an amazing taste make MariGold my go-to nutrition choice when I need to train hard in the gym, withstand the elements on the mountain, or snack on the plane. I don’t go anywhere without packing some MariGold Bars!

Why Experts Love Us!

all natural ingredient protein bar

Minimum 20-23 Grams Protein Per Bar

Organic Coconut Nectar - Marigold Bars - Fructose Alternative

Less Than 5 Grams of Real Sugar

Abundance of Good Fats

Great Tasting, Low-Carb Snack

Premium Quality Whey Isolate

Real Ingredients, Non GMO

Carrie Stowell

Head Trainer, Sawyer-Heights Orange Theory

“My 3 favorite bars right now are Cookie Dough, Cookie Dough and hmmm, COOKIE DOUGH!”

Christine Boss

Medicinal BioChemist
Master Trainer

As a biochemist, I teach nutrition from a biochemical perspective. If an ingredient has no biochemical purpose in the human body it is not fit for human consumption. I had given up on trying to find a nutritious low carb snack bar for my clients until one of our Firm U trainers asked me to look over the MariGold Bar and give my professional opinion.
The MariGold Bar passed with FLYING colors! They taste great too! I don’t go through a single day without having a bar (or more). As a physique competitor, I love that they are low sugar, energy packed and that every ingredient is clean and useful. As a pharmacist I swear they must be a gateway drug because once you have your first one you are hooked! When you buy MariGold Bars you have to hide them from your co-workers and loved ones!

Petr and Aisha Prielozny

Petr and Aisha Prielozny

Founders at FlowCycle
Owners Beauty & Beast Fitness by Prielozny
Financial District
New York, NY

Petr began competitive bodybuilding when he was 17 and grew more and more successful through the years, capturing several championship titles. His knowledge of exercise and nutrition allowed him to transform his physique from 20% body fat to just 5%. Petr always pay attention to the smallest details in his training and nutrition. Petr loves MariGold bars.

Aisha Prielozny’s 12 different personal training certifications, including NASM, ACE, NETA, and AFA, have made her one of NYC’s most sought after fitness experts. Her diverse list of clients includes fashion models, actors, athletes, corporate executives and everyday people. And, did we mention she’s a mom?

“MariGold Bars taste delicious. They are really on another level when compared to other bars on the market. We are proud to introduce our clients to these incredible bars.”

Dr. Tom O’Bryan


“A very pure product with pure ingredients. MariGold Bars have a wonderful taste and are a satisfying snack. Thank you for making the product available.”

Ryan Smith

Owner, Foxey Moxey Fitness

“I love MariGold Bars and eat them almost every day! My favs are Salty Caramel and Texas Pecan Praline.”

Alex Kinion, Sr

2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. 2017 NPC, WNBF, NFF, PRO NGA

After 40 years “Finally”…There is a “ALL” Natural Protein Bar I Found to be the Best Tasting Nutrition Bar on the Market!!! No artificial Anything! Just Good Nutrition we like to put into our Bodies even at age 60 Now!!!.

Hand Crafted and Made Fresh in Texas…Completely Gluten Free, Soy Free, Low Sugar, No Chemicals!!!

Truly, You will “No Longer” feel Guilty about Eating Chocolates or any other variety of the Flavors…PLACE YOUR ORDER TODAY and you will be Happy you Did!!!

Remember, Let’s stay fit for Life and Enjoy Your Workouts!!! Ingredients: Isolate Protein(Lactose Free), Each Bar has 20 grams of Protein, Raw Organic Nuts, No Preservatives, No Additives…ALL NATURAL ORGANIC INGREDIENTS…Go with the “BEST”!!

Teri Wilkinson

LMT, CPT, BS Athletic Training

“If you are looking for the ONLY protein bar on the market that is truly “clean”, healthy and will fuel your body with good nutrition, look no further. MariGold Bars are high quality protein and primarily organic ingredients. All the other bars on the market use low quality proteins and are nothing more than glorified candy bars.

I have been in the health and wellness field for over 25 years. I have a degree in Athletic Training and am a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer as well as a Licensed Massage and Rehab Therapist. I also am a Figure Competitor and these are the only bars I can actually eat and still lean out enough to get on stage and compete.

I am always being asked by my clients to recommend a good protein bar and I am so happy to be able to tell them about the awesome MariGold Bars!”

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