How to Stay Keto During the Holidays

keto holiday tips

Unfortunately, the holiday foods are not kind to those of us on the Keto diet. Here are a few Keto holiday tips to help keep you on track!

Beware of the Hidden Carbs

It’s important to watch out for foods that may seem Keto, but are sure to kick you out of ketosis. For instance, definitely go for the turkey, but avoid the gravy which is made with flour.

Don’t slather anything with cranberry sauce. A half cup of cranberries by itself has only seven carbs, but a serving of cranberry sauce can have up to 22 carbs.

Ever wonder why the veggies are always better during the holidays? Because they’re made with carbs! Skip the green bean casserole, and watch out for the side dishes made with breadcrumbs. As always, stay away from the starchy vegetable and sweet cocktails.

Remember What the Holidays are all About

keto holiday tips
Remember, the holidays are NOT about food! Sure, we look forward to this aspect of the holidays every year, but the thing that makes the holidays so special is time spent with friends and family. So stop thinking about the food, and make more of an effort to socialize. This is a lot easier to do if you socialize in areas that aren’t hosting the holiday spread. So try your best to stay away from the dining room and kitchen.

Don’t Focus on What You Can’t Have

It is easy to have yourself a pity party because you can’t eat a gingerbread man or have your favorite boozy eggnog concoction. If you think about the stuff you can’t have, you’re more likely to cave and bring yourself out of ketosis.

Instead, focus on the goodies you CAN have! Let’s be honest, Christmas dinner is all about the ham anyways, right? You could also eat Christmas Pecans, cheese platters, or any of the fun ideas here. You’ll make life a lot easier by being happy about the foods you do get to enjoy.

Learn to Make a Low Carb Dessert

keto holiday tips
One of the hardest part about being on a diet at a holiday party is all the desserts I have to miss out on! It makes it a lot easier if I bring along a dessert that I can look forward to after dinner. There are tons of holiday Keto dessert recipes out there.

The best part about these desserts is that they’re so tasty, you don’t even have to mention it’s a low-sugar treat.

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