Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

At MariGold Foods, we are dedicated to making the best quality products with real, all natural ingredients. Our bars naturally low sugar, truly gluten-free, and best of all…they taste great!

We want you to experience the amazing benefits our bars have to offer, and we are here to answer any questions you may have about our products. If your question isn’t answered here, please contact us and we’ll be glad to give you more information about MariGold Bars!

We start with grass-fed whey isolate:

non GMO, Casein FREE, Lactose FREE, Hormone FREE
Cold processed to maintain protein integrity
No soy or other additives
We use only Premium ingredients because we believe our customer’s bodies deserve the best.

And, all our our ingredients are Ethically Traded because the farmers, workers and cows creating our ingredients deserve respect, too.

The complete ingredients list is included on each product description page.

If you like chewy brownies and gooey caramel, there’s a good chance you’ll love our bars!  But, be warned, they are sticky!  Please don’t eat them on the way into a sales meeting!

Since 80% of our customer are repeat buyers, we must be doing something right 🙂  Be sure and checkout reviews on our site, and connect with us on Facebook and Instagram, too.

As you can see from our many, many customer comments and 5 star ratings, there’s a very good chance that you’ll LOVE our MariGold bars.

We know that taste is 100% subjective, so we encourage you to carefully read through our list of ingredients, and start off with a Sampler or Variety Pack to you find your personal favs.

If you enjoy a more cake-like bar, go for our Fat Bombs!

Absolutely! Our bars are completely GLUTEN and GRAIN free.

NO, our bars are not dairy free. As stated in our list of ingredients, our bars contain “Milk Whey isolate” using milk from grass-fed cows. While our bars are CASEIN and LACTOSE free, they do contain milk whey isolate. If you have food allergies, please consult your health care provider before eating our bars.

We have many flavors of bars!  To get the low-down on all our bars, see all the Nutritional Labels Page where we’ve put all that info together in one easy spot.

MariGold bars are made low sugar and don’t contain preservatives. They are real food.  Just like any real food, they will mold.

Their room temperature shelf life is 12 days. So, unless you plan to eat all your bars up in 12 days, stick them in the ‘fridge. That way, they’ll stay fresh for several months. They can also be frozen and kept for up to a year.

Our bars do love to travel (they’ve actually been on trips all around the world!). When traveling, keep in mind you should eat them within a week, or put them in a ‘fridge wherever you’re going.

Since our bars are made fresh, we want to get them to you ask quickly as possible….and keep shipping costs fairly reasonable! So, we ship them via USPS Priority Mail for 2-3 day delivery time.

We’ve been doing this for over 2 years now, and have had very few misdirected (can you say “lost”?) packages.  If this does happen, your package is insured.

You will receive an email with a tracking # when your order ships. Plus, you can login to your account and check the status of your order.

First, make sure that you have used the tracking # provided, and have tracked your delivery at

If your tracking info indicates “delivered”, but you did not receive it… contact your local Post Office as soon as possible.

If it’s been 5 days since your product shipped, and you’ve still not received it,contact us and we’ll file a claim for you.

It has happened, but this is not something you should count on! Normally orders are shipped within 1-5 days.

Please note that we always take delivery times into consideration before shipping, and will mail so that you get your order in the shortest time possible. Holidays may cause delays in shipping.

Sorry, but we do not ship our MariGold Bars internationally or to APO addresses. This is due to the long shipping times required to reach those locations.
Absolutely! We make all of our products with premium ingredients, and ship with the greatest of care. Our products are guaranteed to arrive in prime condition. If you are unhappy with your order, FOR ANY REASONplease contact us and we’ll be happy to give you a refund, a replacement, or work with you to make things right.
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