Six Happy Habits To Adopt Today

Six Happy Habits To Adopt Today

Live a happier life by trying these six feel-good happy habits! Some of these regular routines are great – brushing your teeth is important for avoiding a toothless old age – but others are not so beneficial…

Optimal Health and Well Being Healthy Woman

3 Simple Rules for Optimal Health

Optimal health is a skill, not a destination; much like learning and mastering any skill, this means you need to work at it every single day.

Mari Ann and Steve Rocky Mountain National Park MariGold Bars

Sometimes, you just gotta get away!

We made a jaunt through Rocky Mountain National Park where we got the chance to challenge ourselves by climbing up above the tree line into the tundra area!

Enjoy the Little Things

Enjoy the Little Things, for One Day You May Look Back & Realize They Were the Big Things.


Mindfulness – The Diet Trick You Haven’t Tried

You’ve tried the gluten-free diet, keto, whole 30, and good old calorie counting, but you feel like you just can’t stick to it. Here’s the one thing you haven’t tried that may be the key to weight loss.

How Do You MariGold?!

This guy here…he’s got the right idea on how he likes to MariGold! This is Liam. He loves Marigold Bars, Spiderman, swimming, cowboy boots and Cookie Dough Bars!

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