Keto Friendly

At MariGold, we make Keto Friendly products. All our Protein Bars, Keto Fat Bombs, and many of our snack nuts are Keto Friendly. We also have lots of information on how to live Keto Friendly! In this Keto section of our blog, you’re sure to learn about Keto Diet Basics. We also have some great Keto Friendly recipes, suggestions, advice, and tips to live your best keto life!

start keto

5 Easy Steps to Start Doing Keto

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. Ever heard that quote before? It rings absolutely true when it comes to changing the way you eat! If you think you’re ready to start the keto diet, stop what you’re doing and follow these five steps first.

ketogenic diet diabetes

Can You Do the Ketogenic Diet if you have Diabetes?

If you have diabetes, the Ketogenic diet may be perfect for you! It can help begin to reverse type 2 diabetes, and help improve blood sugar control in those with type 1 diabetes. Here’s what you need to know.

Quality of Living

5 Ways Keto Will Improve Your Quality of Living

A lot of people think that the only benefit of the keto diet is weight loss. Little do they know that people on the keto diet have a lot more to gain than that! Check out these five ways that the keto diet can improve your quality of living.

Ketogenic Diet

How the Ketogenic Diet Cracked the Weight Loss Code

You’ve heard about the ketogenic diet on television, in magazines, and from friends who have reaped the benefits of it. By the looks of it, we finally have a diet that has cracked the weight loss code.

KETO! The What… The Why… The How The Heck?

You hear this term, KETO, being thrown around everywhere you look recently.  It’s all over social media.  Celebrities are raving about it and even the health and fitness world seems to be all about it lately…

New & Improved (high fiber, low sugar)

Here at MariGold, one of our key purposes is: “Enhance the eating experience of our customers as the nutritional knowledge of food evolves.” And, recently, the two biggies that have come into focus are:

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