Keto Friendly

At MariGold, we make Keto Friendly products. All our Protein Bars, Keto Fat Bombs, and many of our snack nuts are Keto Friendly. We also have lots of information on how to live Keto Friendly! In this Keto section of our blog, you’re sure to learn about Keto Diet Basics. We also have some great Keto Friendly recipes, suggestions, advice, and tips to live your best keto life!


Minimize the Side Effects of a Keto Diet

The extremely low-carb keto diet forces your body to burn fat for energy. Your body adjusts by asking your liver to create chemicals called ketones to fuel your energy, which can cause some side effects…here’s how to minimize those side effects.

5 Kid-Friendly Keto Recipes That Are Low in Carbs and Full of Flavor

5 Kid-Friendly Keto Recipes That Are Low in Carbs and Full of Flavor

Replicas of all your little one’s favorite comfort foods, from tacos to chicken noodle soup. If you’re the only person in your household following the Keto Diet—known for being low carb and high in fat—temptations abound. Here’s how to help get your children on board the keto bandwagon…or indulge your own inner-child!

Dirty vs Clean Keto

Dirty vs Clean Keto

Dr. Jonny Bowden gives us the download on the latest buzzwords making their way through health circles. “Dirty” vs “clean” keto…what gives?

keto tips for beginners

5 Keto Tips for Beginners

Starting a new diet is never easy. While making your health a priority is a worthy goal, it can get overwhelming at times especially on Keto where you might have to deal with the symptoms of the dreaded Keto flu. With these five Keto tips for beginners, you’ll be able to kickstart your health journey in the best way possible.

keto supplements

The Best Supplements for Your Keto Diet

With the popularity of the keto diet, it’s no wonder that many on it look for the best ways to optimize their results. Because you’re taking the carbs out of your daily life, there are a few keto supplements that will keep your health in check, help you stay in ketosis, and even mitigate the effects of the dreaded keto flu.

Why you should eat bone broth on your Keto diet

3 Reasons to Add Bone Broth to Your Keto Diet

Bone broth is the new kale. Wait, what? I’m not trying to actually trying to compare the properties of bone broth to kale, I’m just trying to say that in recent years it’s become the new heal-all…

What’s in a Name?

Cinnabon, Cinnabähn… When I created our cinnamon bun protein bars, I thought I’d come up with a “cute” play on the famous brand “Cinnabon”….


Does Cutting Carbs Mean Living Off of Bacon and Cheese?

When I first heard of the keto diet which revolved around cutting carbs and eating more fat I was thinking, “There is no way that a healthy and sustainable diet includes practically living off of bacon and cheese.”…

Hidden carbs to watch out for on a keto diet

Hidden Carbs to Watch Out for on Keto

If you’ve started the keto diet and you’re not losing as much weight as you wanted to or you’ve hit a plateau that you just can’t seem to get past, hidden carbs may be partly to blame.

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