Keto Friendly

At MariGold, we make Keto Friendly products. All our Protein Bars, Keto Fat Bombs, and many of our snack nuts are Keto Friendly. We also have lots of information on how to live Keto Friendly! In this Keto section of our blog, you’re sure to learn about Keto Diet Basics. We also have some great Keto Friendly recipes, suggestions, advice, and tips to live your best keto life!

Raspberry Lemon Keto Pies

Raspberry Lemon Keto Pies

An inspiring (and super tasty) recipe for Raspberry Lemon Keto Pies featuring our MariGold Lemon Coconut Fat Bombs by Maria Fernanda López – nutritionist, foodie, and creator of Purely Healthy Living food and recipe blog.


Your Guide to Intermittent Fasting

Have you tried intermittent fasting? That might be a question you’ve heard many times, especially because it’s a subject that lots of people are talking about right now. Studies have continued to show that intermittent fasting when done correctly, can have varying effects on your body, weight, your metabolic health and much more.

Do Macros Matter?

Do Macros Matter?

Whether you’re aiming for performance, health or weight goals, you need to clear the nutritional clutter. Fine-tuning and finessing your macronutrient mix is a great place to start.


Staying Hydrated on a Keto Diet

Staying hydrated throughout the day is an important goal to have no matter what diet you follow. If you’re considering switching to keto, or already have started your keto journey, then you’ll definitely want to make sure you’re getting enough water. Here are our best tips for staying hydrated on a Keto Diet.

Strengthen Your Immune System

How to Strengthen Your Immune System

There’s no magic pill that is guaranteed to boost your immune system, but there are ways to keep your immune system functioning optimally. What you eat, your attitude, and the amount of exercise you get can all play a role. Here are some tips to help keep you healthy!

6 Things You Should Know About Keto Diets

6 Things You Should Know About Keto Diets

Bacon, cheese and butter? Yup, high-fat foods are on the menu for a keto diet. Intrigued? Eating keto style is about much more than bacon and butter, though. And, it is quickly gaining popularity among the health and wellness community. If you’re considering embarking on this low-carb diet, these are the essential tips to know first.

Keto Diet

Keto Diet for Beginners: The Ultimate Keto Guide

Find out the Keto basics: how to start a Keto Diet and the different types of Keto Diet, why it triggers weight loss and the many benefits beyond weight loss, as well as sample Keto meal plans!


Should You Go Keto?

Eat fat to burn fat. Sounds crazy, right? But it turns out that ramping up your fat intake — and ditching most carbs — is the quickest, most effective way to lean out.

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