Bone Up on Bone Loss

Bone Up on Bone Loss

What’s the deal with people getting shorter as they age? Is that inevitable? Is it a good idea to load up on calcium and other bone supplements? Here are the answers to those questions and more about bone health.

Lectin or Lecithin

Does Lecithin contain Lectin?

If you are one of the people who follow a lectin free diet for its health benefit, you may be wondering “Does lecithin contains lectins?”. The short answer is, no, lecithin does not contain lectins. Read on and discover their fascinating differences.

Vitamin D Sunshine Woman

Vitamin D: Why It’s  Not Always Easy to Get Enough

Are you getting enough Vitamin D? It’s an essential vitamin for optimal health that we typically don’t get from the diet but rather from exposure to sunlight. It might be difficult right now, given that many people find themselves confined to their homes during social isolation measures. However, some studies show it may be even more important than ever during this time keep our immune system strong.

How to have more energy people running

How To Have More Energy

Do you often feel fatigued, or experience low energy? If so, you’re not alone! The good news is that there are energy-boosting strategies that are completely healthy and natural. Ready to get energized today? Here are 9 tips to put a Pep in your Step!

Chocolate Quiz and Chocolate Varieties

How Much Do You Know About Chocolate? Take the Quiz!

Chocolate tastes wonderful, of course, but for many chocolate lovers, a piece of great chocolate offers them something more. Whether you’re a “dark chocolate only” kind of person or a sucker for a classic candy bar, here’s a quiz to find out how much you really know about chocolate!

Wipe Down: How to Disinfect Your Screens

Wipe Down: How to Disinfect Your Screens

Brace yourself, because the truth is gross, but here goes: Your electronic devices are a huge magnet for dust, grime, grease and harmful bacteria. In fact, studies have shown that the average smartphone has seven times more bacteria than a toilet seat! Here’s our guide to safeguarding your health and sanitizing your electronics.

Probiotics Vs Prebiotics

Probiotics vs. Prebiotics

When it comes to gut health, it’s important to keep our gut bacteria in balance. Often due to a lack of good bacteria or an overgrowth of bad bacteria, you might start to notice uncomfortable and unwanted side effects. That’s where probiotics and prebiotics come in. What are they? Can probiotics and prebiotics keep gut health in tip-top shape?

six simple ways to take control during coronavirus

6 Simple Ways to Take Control During Coronavirus

Social distancing can be quite stressful for some people…no going out to eat with your friends, no trips to the gym, and not even being able to see your family. This can very quickly feel like you’ve lost control of your everyday life, which can be uncomfortable to say the least. Even though many of aspects of our lives have changed, here are 6 simple ways we can all still take control during Coronavirus.

Cultivate Your Healthiest Microbiome

Cultivate Your Healthiest Microbiome

Gastroenterologist Dr. Marvin Singh, founder of the California-based Precisione Clinic, dishes advice on how to keep your “second brain” in tip-top shape.

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