At MariGold, we believe in eating real food ingredients and treating your body well. With a healthy well-balanced diet, you can drastically improve your overall health. Here are some articles on everything from a keto-friendly to a lectin-free diet.

Cranberries in a Jar - Why you should be eating cranberries

Why Cranberries Are Amazing – Health Benefits And More

Cranberries have so many health benefits, that you’ll be wanting to eat them way more than just on Thanksgiving. They are considered a superfood and for good reason. Put them on your next shopping list and learn more about why you should be eating cranberries!

Pomegranates Foods for Healing Dry Skin

7 Foods for Healing Dry Skin

As the leaves begin to fall and the weather starts to get colder, you may notice changes happening to your skin as well. It’s very common to develop dry, itchy skin. So, what can you do to prevent dry skin? Remember to drink plenty of water, wear your sunscreen to prevent sunburn, AND try these seven foods for healing dry skin.

Ways to benefit from ginger

5 Ways to Benefit from Ginger

Ginger is an incredibly potent remedy for a variety of ailments and has some pretty amazing health benefits as well. Here are some ways to benefit from ginger you might not have tried before.

Simple Kitchen Cures for Colds and Flu

5 Simple Kitchen Cures for Colds and Flu

The leaves are changing, the weather is turning cooler, and many people are getting excited about cozying up by the fire in their fall sweaters. Despite the refreshing changes the season brings about, it also comes with lots of sneezing, sniffling, and coughing. These simple kitchen cures for colds and flu can help prepare your immune system.

Ways to Eat More Veggies

30 Creative Ways to Eat More Veggies

One might think that “getting more veggies” means eating more salads, but that’s not the only way. With the vast health benefits that come from a few extra servings, you just can’t go wrong with trying out a few of these fun and creative ways to eat more veggies.

Natural Ways to Boost Energy and Feel Great

Natural Ways to Boost Energy and Feel Great

We all know that having low energy isn’t a good thing. As a human being, you need a certain amount to get through your daily tasks and achieve your goals. Here are some healthy, natural ways to boost energy, banish tiredness and get a spring in your step once again! Fatigue is the body’s way of “screaming” for some natural health.

Five Fall Superfoods

5 Fall Superfoods to Jumpstart a Healthy Season

These fall superfoods not only taste great but are nutrient powerhouses that can benefit your body and mind. Many of them are high in antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, and minerals to boost your immunity and up your energy levels. Some even have fat-burning properties to keep you lean through the colder months ahead.

6 Foods to Reduce Stress and Nourish Your Body

6 Foods to Reduce Stress and Nourish Your Body

When you’re feeling stressed, it’s only natural to seek relief. The good news is that there are healthy food options that have been shown to help reduce stress and anxiety. Here are six foods to reduce stress that you can incorporate into a healthy lifestyle…and some tasty ways to try them!

Everyday Superfoods to Boost a Healthy Diet

Everyday Superfoods to Boost a Healthy Diet

There are many incredible superfoods you might even have in your fridge right now. They are not only easy to find, but they are affordable, easy to prepare, and are amazingly versatile for incorporating into a healthy lifestyle. Here are five everyday superfoods, their wonderful benefits, and some easy ways to prepare and enjoy them!

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