5 Tips to Spring Clean Your Mind and Body

Spring is a time of year that many people decide to make a positive change. It can be a great time to take big leaps forward by changing bad habits and decluttering our lives. If you’re looking for a fresh start, this is a great time to spring clean your mind and body. Here are some way to get started.

Fat-Burning Foods: 26 Foods That Will Fire Up Your Fat Loss

Fat-Burning Foods: 19 Foods That Will Fire Up Your Fat Loss

Integrating fat-burning foods into your diet can not only boost your metabolism, but can have other healthy benefits such as improve thyroid function, naturally detox your body, and rev up your entire system for more sustainable energy.

Why Go Grain-Free?

Why Go Grain-Free?

A growing number of people are going grain-free, and perhaps for good reason. Danielle Walker, the author of four cookbooks, relays why going grain-free worked for her and what it can do for you.

focus, Memory, mood

3 Simple Tips For Focus, Memory, Mood & More

Focus, memory and mood all depend on one thing – a healthy brain. Everyone would probably agree that they would like their brain to “work better” in one way or another. Here are three simple tips for focus, memory, mood, and overall brain health.

Can Nutrition Make you Happier

Can Nutrition Make You Happier & More Confident?

Can nutrition make you happier? We’re talking about long-term happiness. We not only are what we eat, but certain foods tweak our brain chemistry and help us stay happy, focused, energized, and even calm on a consistent basis. Your mental and physical health may be fundamentally connected and certain foods may make you happier.

Lower Your High Blood Pressure sweet and sour onions

Lower Your High Blood Pressure: Fruits, Veggies, and This Tasty Meal

What you eat, how much you exercise and how much stress you have in your life are all contributing factors in determining your blood pressure levels. We’ve got a tasty recipe that combines fresh and incredibly delicious ingredients to help lower your high blood pressure.

How to avoid diabetes naturally

How to Avoid Diabetes Naturally

When your blood sugar is balanced, you’ll likely feel energetic, happy, productive, and sleep well – and the opposite is true when there is an imbalance. The good news, is that you can start making lifestyle and diet changes now to control your blood sugar levels and even avoid diabetes naturally.

Anti-Inflammatory Foods Salmon and Broccoli

6 Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Help Beat Auto Immune Disease

Chronic inflammation can have a negative impact on your health. Major diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s and many auto immune diseases have been linked to chronic inflammation. You can start incorporating anti-inflammatory foods that can actually help to fight chronic inflammation and beat autoimmune disease. Here are 6 anti-inflammatory foods and some fun ways to prepare them!


The Extraordinary Health Benefits of Chia Seeds

The health benefits of chia seeds are pretty incredible. You can eat them, you can put them in smoothies or oatmeal, and even baked into bread. They can even replace eggs in a lot of your favorite recipes. Chia seeds might be tiny, but that doesn’t stop them from packing a whole lot of punch.

10 Superfoods Worthy of the Title

10 Antioxidant Superfoods with Incredible Health Benefits

There’s no doubt that adding fresh fruits and vegetables in combination with high quality protein to your diet is great for getting the proper nutrients your body needs. However, there are some foods out there that offer some pretty incredible health benefits that go above and beyond…as if they have a superpower. Yes, we’re talking about superfoods.

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