Mari Ann Lisenbe

MariGold's 8 Years of Pure Joy

Pausing To Take A Look Back

August is a pretty special month for us here at MariGold. Even though we started making bars in our kitchen earlier in the year, it was not until August 2012 that we became “official”. Come along with us as we reflect on where it all began…

production manager Christina wearing sanitation mask

What’s changed at MGF since COVID-19?

You may be wondering what we’re doing differently at MariGold Foods to combat COVID-19. Truthfully, not a lot…you see, at MGF, we’ve ALWAYS been rather OCD about cleanliness!

Lavender and Pestle

How I’m Preparing for Coronavirus

How I’m Preparing for Coronavirus: As a sports fanatic, I recognize the wisdom in the saying “The best offense is a good defense”. In the case of immune building, I focus on building not only a good, but a great defense!

Mari Ann and Steve Rocky Mountain National Park MariGold Bars

Sometimes, you just gotta get away!

We made a jaunt through Rocky Mountain National Park where we got the chance to challenge ourselves by climbing up above the tree line into the tundra area!

What’s in a Name?

Cinnabon, Cinnabähn… When I created our cinnamon bun protein bars, I thought I’d come up with a “cute” play on the famous brand “Cinnabon”….

Keto Chicken Nuggets Recipe

Keto Chicken Nugget Recipe

When you go Keto, some things like crispy chicken nuggets just seem out of reach. If you’re anything like me, you’ve tried all the recipes using almond meal only to be disappointed. While they taste ok, they’re just not crispy!

Chicory Root Fiber with MariGold Bars Logo

New & Improved (high fiber, low sugar)

Here at MariGold, one of our key purposes is: “Enhance the eating experience of our customers as the nutritional knowledge of food evolves.” And, recently, the two biggies that have come into focus are:

Cale Schultz gets it done!

Cale Schultz vs MariGold Protein Bars

Strongman vs The Protein Bar Cale Schultz vs MariGold Primal Protein Bars How MariGold Bars First Ever “Action Commercial” Came To Be I first “met” Cale Schultz about 3 years…

Owner of MariGold Bars, Mari Ann, on a hiking trip

You may think I’m CRAZY, but…

I’ve set a REALLY BIG goal! If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you’ve spent the last several days making plans for the New Year.

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