Jacob Lisenbe

Fried Bacon strips on a plate

KETO! The What… The Why… The How The Heck?

You hear this term, KETO, being thrown around everywhere you look recently.  It’s all over social media.  Celebrities are raving about it and even the health and fitness world seems to be all about it lately…

How Do You MariGold?!

This guy here…he’s got the right idea on how he likes to MariGold! This is Liam. He loves Marigold Bars, Spiderman, swimming, cowboy boots and Cookie Dough Bars!

Danielle Schultz bodybuilding bikini competition - Holding trophy

Our Newest Ambassador…Meet Danielle!

We’re super excited to introduce our newest MG Ambassador, Danielle Schultz! I asked Dani to share a little bit about herself and she was totally on board!

Boxer getting punched in the face

Stomach Bug! Oh No!

Yesterday and today marked Day 7 and Day 8 of my 45 Day Challenge. So far I was killing it! I’d been eating right, incorporating MariGold Bars and Snacks into my diet to keep me feeling strong and I have to say…I was feeling great!

keto friendly almond snacks

So Perfect! Share with me!

Day 4 & 5 had me really wanting some salty snacks! (I’m sure all the extra activity and sweating have something to do with that…)

MariGold Protein bar with kettle bells

45 Day, Anniversary Fitness Challenge!

First of all, I want to say Happy Happy New Year! As you may have already heard, over the next 45 Days I’m inviting you to join with me in my weight loss and fitness challenge!

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