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Truth Is Power!!

True Knowledge Is  True Power! Happy Monday Everyone!   This weekend I was having a conversation with some friends about health, weight control and how our eating habits can affect our results (or lack thereof). It became clear to me that many folks just don’t know how their food truly influences them or what foods are really helpful or harmful. There was one comment in particular that stood out to me. “Eating protein makes you gain weight…right?”  Yep, that’s an actual quote from one of my friends. At first I was frustrated!  How could someone think something so critically wrong!
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Live Life, Eat Clean, and Don’t Forget To Breath!

There is nothing quite like being out in nature, in the midst of such beauty and spectacular surroundings! It really breathes life into us, invigorates us, inspires us!   Inspires us to create, to bring the beauty and purity we see in nature to our bars. We will always strive to bring you the purest, cleanest and healthiest bar that you can find on the market! Breathe!  Don’t Forget To Breathe! As we live our lives and share our adventures with you we hope to inspire you as well.  Not just to embrace life and live yours to the fullest
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